Is Suicide A Right?

There has been a lot of movement on euthanasia for people with terminal illnesses but sadly the same cannot be said for suicide. I know a world where people are constantly miserable and desperately seeking a peaceful way to end... Continue Reading →

Longing For The End

Each anxiety riddled miserable day takes me closer to the end. Days of sadness and tears mark the happier days I have left in existence. I can't help but be bitter at the world. So many seemingly could have helped;... Continue Reading →

Still Alive And I Don’t Know Why

I've cried a fair amount the last couple of days. The reason doesn't matter but suffice it to say that it was minor and yet it was one of few things that gave me hope. I'm not particularly emotional today.... Continue Reading →

A Journal Entry… Of Some Kind… (Titles require a coherent idea… fuck titles!)

Please follow blog as I will not be able to share on twitter for next few months. I remain struggling to want to keep ongoing. It seems the only thing my heart desires that feels realistically attainable is justice. Not... Continue Reading →

What It Feels Like To Want To Die

Eloi Eloi Lama Sabacthani. I want to die repeating it over and over again. And just for that moment, I would be beautiful and loved and dignified.

Suicide Is Not A Mental Health Issue, It’s A Social Issue

I've been living in pretty much total isolation for more than a year. It's amazing what a broken mind and broken spirit can do to your body too. I'm unrecognizable. This isn't about why, its about what I can do... Continue Reading →

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Thoughts on a bad day

Something is different about today. I don't know how much longer I can stand being alive. I've been thinking a lot about a few things; how secret suicides are and how we are never allowed to discuss it, how being... Continue Reading →

Bell Let’s Talk: The Right to Die

Recently CBC ran an article on the right to die, which included a brief discussion on mental illness. I have long been an advocate of the right to die for the mentally ill and was happy to see that this... Continue Reading →

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