Fossil Fuel Energy Is Too Cheap (And So Is Labour)

There are protests all over Canada over the Trudeau pipeline. The protests are more than just about the pipeline. Canadians are fed up about climate change talk and then same old, same old, when it comes to taking action. I... Continue Reading →

Snow Day!

There is a massive snowfall in Montreal today. The weathermen (weather person sounds too weird, is there an alternative?) had lied to us all week about snow coming but finally it came and just in time. You see because it... Continue Reading →

I Hate The Super Bowl

I'm a football fan. Every year I play fantasy football too. I started watching football when I was a kid and when the Dallas Cowboys were winning championships. All these years later I'm still cheering on the Cowboys when championships... Continue Reading →

One Reason I’m Happy To Be A Man

This just came to mind as I was writing about a former coworker who sexually harassed me. She was one of these big girls who spends a lot of time on Tinder and talks about all her bad experiences. You... Continue Reading →

Worst Part Of Depression

I'm crying right now. I've been crying for most of the day. The worst days though, are when you can't cry. Those days happen way to often. I don't know if its just me or if its just a part... Continue Reading →

Hurt & Suicidal

I'm hurting today. I wish I was strong enough to let go. I don't know how people do that, just forget about the past. Friendships, relationships that have run their course. I feel the need to honour them in some... Continue Reading →

Leftist Populism: Are You Happy With How The World Is?

I'm Canadian and in the last election, like many other Canadians who weren't scared in to voting for the centrist, corporatist, Liberal party, I voted for the NDP. The Democrtic primary campaign in the US is heating up, with Iowa... Continue Reading →

Memento Mori

When celebrities die young it becomes the biggest story in the news cycle. I hate this kind of stuff, in part because I hate most main stream celebrities. The people I love are the ones that kill themselves, and none... Continue Reading →

Lost Love

This morning I was reminded of something I'd lost. In the midst of dealing with the present (both positively and negatively) and dealing with the anger I have felt over how I was treated at my last job, I'd barely... Continue Reading →

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