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During Covid Isolation: A Thought For Those Who Are Isolated Year Round

I'm mentally ill. I was harassed at work and then things just got out of control. I'm depressed, filled with anxiety, traumatized and have lost any sense of self. In the wreckage, I lost some people who were really important... Continue Reading →

Fighting For Yourself Just Isn’t The Same

I'm a fighter. I don't let injustice and especially abuses of power go. It's something I'm proud of. But having recently been the victim of the two, I find fighting for myself completely draining. I long for the days that... Continue Reading →

I’m Losing My Mind

We're all in semi isolation now but its been like this for me for almost two years. My life ripped from me and now I'm left contemplating suicide on a daily basis. I decided to delete some of my former... Continue Reading →

Why Do I Keep Living?

Most days it feels like I'm suffocating. I want to reach out to heavens and scream for help but to whom and for what? There's no help out there for me and nothing that can ease the pain. I feel... Continue Reading →

Covid-19: We Don’t Give A Shit About Each Other

I'm currently not allowed to tweet (long story but I'll be able to soon) but when covid was emerging I would have wanted to tweet a joke about using biological warfare against your most hated enemies! I'm glad I wasn't... Continue Reading →

Turn Your Old Laptop Into A Chromebook

I get excited about stupid things sometimes and this is one of them. I've now done this to two of old laptops, one about fifteen years old and another roughly seven years old. If you're think about switching to a... Continue Reading →

Jail Wasn’t So Bad: My Experience & A Commentary On Our Society

I was psychologically and sexually harassed at my former work place. They treated me like a peon, protected the people who attacked me and did everything they could to "build a case against me" while they acted in various prohibited... Continue Reading →

It’s Not Left Vs Right, It’s Populism Vs The Establishment: Bern It Down!

I, like many people, have been following the democratic primaries with some hope of having real change. I might not be American but I know what having a generational figure like Bernie Sanders on the world stage might do for... Continue Reading →

Kindness In The Depths Of Depression

I feel like a broken man. I'm genuinely afraid that I can't be fixed again. I know at least some of what I have to do and I'm not doing it. I think about suicide all the time. What point... Continue Reading →

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