I’m a fighter. I don’t let injustice and especially abuses of power go. It’s something I’m proud of. But having recently been the victim of the two, I find fighting for myself completely draining. I long for the days that I could fight for others and not just me.

I definitely a lack of support. No one will really hear my story until it happens again. Its partly because I’m not the perfect victim. Having a few drinks makes me a target and my aggressive retaliation isn’t kosher I guess. It becomes a burden only I carry and its exhausting.

When you’re fighting for a cause or some other person, you know that its ultruistic. Most of the things I fight and argue for, would actually be harmful to me. But that alone recharges your batteries so you can keep on fighting.

I need to find someone else or policy to fight for so I can let go of this.

Oh and for the record, I no longer care about your messages or honking horns. It might keep me sick longer but I’ll survive.