We’re all in semi isolation now but its been like this for me for almost two years. My life ripped from me and now I’m left contemplating suicide on a daily basis.

I decided to delete some of my former posts. The people who did this to me deserve everything they get, but I just don’t want to be the one to give it to them anymore.

At least one person insists on leaving me anonymous comments. I say anonymous because they know exactly who I am. It bothers me that they just won’t leave me alone. I have someone who checks my twitter and blog every single day. Probably paid to do it. They won’t leave me alone.

I’m being made to feel like some loser they can take advantage of and then treat me like I’m the bad guy.

I don’t know what to say. I truly think about using violence. I dream about stabbing and shooting people. Even more so about beating the living shit out of some ugly girls. I don’t want to think like this. I don’t want it to get to that point. But they keep checking my blog and they keep making comments.

There’s no point in talking about it anymore. I exposed them to everyone who cared to listen and unless something happens that is close to what happened to me at the university, no one really cares to hear my story. I have to remain quiet like so many people who have suffered sexual harassment. If it happens again I can say I told you so but that’s it.

My gut feeling is that most of the comments I received are not from people connected to my former employer but by Detective Pavolos Bitzakidis (5847). I think this because at first I was getting comments from people in my neighborhood and I know that he happens to live not far away from me. It’s possible I’m wrong but I feel pretty confident.

This idiot has not just been making things more difficult for me but also for my former employer. In my opinion he has from the beginning. If finally snap and lose it, or if I finally kill myself, remember that he helped push me there and the when I filed a complaint about the police ethics commission didn’t even bother to check the IP address.

Your tax dollars at work, cops being assholes instead of sensibly preventing crime.

Update: I can even tell when the University emails links to my blog. I see it CLEARLY. Why do I have to move on but they can keep a watchful eye on me when I was the victim? Its outrageous. I’m asking for help because they are pushing me over the edge and people are going to get hurt. I go to jail again, people are going to die. Go ahead. Try me.

This all started again after I was threatened by their lawyer. Leave me alone!

Update: you know on this I owe my former employer an apology. They’ve stopped communicating with me. It’s this stupid fucking cop who won’t stop. I’m almost sure of it. He’s the one who deserves my vengeance if he doesn’t stop now. I’m done with being treated like this