I’m currently not allowed to tweet (long story but I’ll be able to soon) but when covid was emerging I would have wanted to tweet a joke about using biological warfare against your most hated enemies! I’m glad I wasn’t able to tweet that. I’m sarcastic and have a dark sense of humor. But I don’t support biological warfare and I think covid-19 needs to be taken serious.

I’m having trouble understanding the people partying in the midst of this, but even that I chalk up to youth and ignorance. We were that stupid once too.

What really scares are the people that are cavalier about nana’s and pops’ lives! The businessmen who argue that the economy is more important and the social bunnies who claim that these deaths would be inevitable anyway…. I just don’t know what to respond to that.

It makes me uneasy because its exactly the voices of these awful and callous people that infiltrate my mind. It’s them who remind me that my life isn’t worth living and that my suffering has no meaning.

I just want to say, practice social distancing, and fuck the people who think other people’s lives don’t matter.

Oh I forgot to mention the gouging! How do these people live with themselves!?