I, like many people, have been following the democratic primaries with some hope of having real change. I might not be American but I know what having a generational figure like Bernie Sanders on the world stage might do for humanity.

I was optimistic that our guy could win despite having the media completely against him at every turn. I was even self-critical; Bernie’s campaign was sort of proving me wrong because he was reaching the masses and winning, all while being a diplomatic statesman in every way. I’m no statesman. I’ve often thought in hopelessness and despair that violence is the only way we’ll ever have justice.

What I do know for sure is that giving your vote away to the lesser of two evils because one candidate is mildly better than another is never going to cause change. The establishment needs to know that. The media needs to know that. And it is for that reason that if I were American, I would vote for a third party with the knowledge that it would give the presidency to Donald Trump.

I know that sounds crazy but that’s how angry I am. I’m hoping I’m not alone.

I’ll ask you this, and it’s the same question I asked others during our own federal election just a few months ago; are you happy with our system? In the American context the sub-questions flow right off the tongue; do you think people should die because they can’t afford medical help? Go bankrupt? Chose between medicine and food? Do you think student’s should graduate with six figure levels of debt while they face an evermore competitive employment market? Do you think people should work for a slave wage that doesn’t cover basic living expences?

If the answer is NO than you need to understand that we’re never going to get there by voting for the guy whose less bad than the other guy. Trump and Biden actually are pretty similar; they both answer YES to my questions. So what’s the difference?

The real question is, how much do you really have to lose? I’ve learned in my private life that there’s power in that. Destroying the institutions that make the present political context a reality every God damn four years, is what we need to do to win.

You can’t make an omelet without breaking some fucking eggs! Bern it down!