There are protests all over Canada over the Trudeau pipeline. The protests are more than just about the pipeline. Canadians are fed up about climate change talk and then same old, same old, when it comes to taking action.

I don’t have much to add but I’ve had a recent negative experience with online shopping. I bought a pair of three different items from the same firm (six in total) and rather than ship all my items together, I got three different packages… on the same day. Now, this is a big company I purchased from and they may have different items in different warehouses (though all the packages appear to originate from the same location). But even then, there is no reason three different trucks with three different drivers should have had to come to my home to drop something off.

It should be cost effective for firms to properly allocate their resources so that what can be done with one labourer, on one truck, with a lower amount of carbon emissions, isn’t needlessly multiplied by three. It’s waste! And it can be done because these firms make so much money they don’t care about their employees (who are getting paid shit) working three times for the same job. Carbon emissions are essentially free, so its a drop in the bucket for them. Instead of paying someone with a brain to handle these logistical issues, its just easier and cheaper to destroy out environment.

It’s a shame! And it should be remembered when the corporations and millionaires say they don’t have the money to pay fair wages or clean up the environment. They do!