There is a massive snowfall in Montreal today. The weathermen (weather person sounds too weird, is there an alternative?) had lied to us all week about snow coming but finally it came and just in time. You see because it came today, thousands of students across the city got to stay home from school!

The little ones get to play games with their siblings, the older ones have video games, and the coolest ones are smoking weed all day! Today will be a day of snowball fights and snow fort building. I don’t know why but it makes me SO happy when this happens. It’s a magical day!

I didn’t get many snow days when I was a kid, it felt like just a handful of times but maybe my memory fails me. What I got was the behemoth of them all, the ice storm of ’98! We had just finished our two week holiday for Christmas and it was time to go to school. Monday morning I decide that I’d sleep in and only go to school in the afternoon. I knew this would mean detention but my bed was just too comfortable to worry about Mr. D and his detention slips. But something that night and following day that would change my life forever; the ice storm! Everything froze over, everything! We lost electricity, and my mitger with all the other old Italian ladies went to buy bread and bottled water just in case. For two beautiful weeks, we had no school! And this just after after our two week holiday. We had freshly baked bread every day and my cousin spent the time at my home.

The best part about it was that when we returned, they forgot all about me coming to school late and not having an excuse, so I never had to serve detention!

It’s the little thing folks! And today I can feel the joy of all the children in my city!

Happy snow day!