This just came to mind as I was writing about a former coworker who sexually harassed me. She was one of these big girls who spends a lot of time on Tinder and talks about all her bad experiences.

You know people say stuff about women having an easier time getting laid then men do. At first blush, it seems truthful, but is it really? And at what cost?

When men complain about women they’re always imagining the beautiful girl (who often spends hours and hours a week trying to look like that – its not god given or free). But most women don’t look that. It’s pretty hurtful if you’re a girl who has trouble getting sexual attention, when everyone says it should be easy for you.

I do think, however, that in many cases it is easier but at a cost. I, as a man, have never had sex with someone who ignored me when it was over, or didn’t call. The first time I have sex with a girl tends to signify that start of something more serious; of more intimacy, more commitment.

I’m genuinely not like this (I’m not giving myself props, its just not a desire I have) but I know a lot of men that will basically sleep with anyone. The thing about these men is that they genuinely don’t care about the women they sleep with. And some women (usually average looking or not very attractive) go through a slew of these guys in the dating scene.

I guess I’m just saying that men have it easy this way. I can’t imagine how emotionally exhausting it would be to be treated this way over and over again.