The election is coming up quickly on Monday. I’ve been volunteering and actually went to see Jagmeet speak tonight in Montreal.

It was my first political… rally. I’ve been to a few demonstrations but this was different. Almost had the feel of going to a concert of a band who is about to be huge but is still selling out smaller venues. Jagmeet is a rock star! And we treated him as such!

To anyone reading this, friend or foe, please consider voting NDP. This whole fear Scheer thing is nonsense. Aside from rhetoric what has ever changed with conservative and liberal governments? NOTHING!

If you don’t think we’re doing enough to battle climate change, if you think the rich aren’t paying their fair share and are fed up of corporate bailouts, if you think that getting prescriptions should require you to get out your medicare card and not your credit card, if you believe in respecting the rights and dignity of all indigenous nations; that all Canadians deserve access to clean drinking water, if you’re tired of housing costs going up with no one doing anything about it, if you believe that the minimum wage should be a living wage, if you’re tired of paying double the taxes for the work you do than someone else pays for the investments they make, if you’ve had enough of contract and non-unionized jobs… damn it if you have a heart and believe in helping all Canadians, no matter who they are, then vote for the NDP; the only truly progressive party in Canada!

This is not the end of history. Injustice is rampant. But we CAN change it and we can start doing that by giving Jagmeet Singh the mandate he needs. Every vote counts and you don’t have to vote for the party you think will win. Vote for the party that makes YOU win!