Legalize All Drugs!

Legalize it! All of it! Don't celebrate that marijuana is legal in more and more places even without the guise of medical use. It's not enough and this isn't just a question of our civil liberties. Sure, "it's my body... Continue Reading →

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Truth & Identity: Verbs, Nouns & Climbing Ladders

I was watching a few Joe Rogan clips, as I am accustomed to doing, and stumbled upon an interesting idea, or rather the framing of an idea, that I had never come across before (I feel silly saying that because... Continue Reading →

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To Tell The Truth: What It Really Means To Be Honest

Recently, I've run into and had to deal with a couple of addicts. I think of them now because no one lies more than an addict. An acquaintance of mine is going through a terrible time and I've tried to... Continue Reading →

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Free Speech & Censorship: A Look At Sacha Baron Cohen’s Speech At An ADL event & TYT Reaction

I watched this video in the middle of the night (couldn't sleep again). If you don't watch TYT, it's a great place to get US and international news from a leftist perspective. Sacha Baron Cohen RIPS FacebookThe Young Turks... Continue Reading →

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Lest We Forget: The Importance Of Suffering

When I was young boy, maybe 7 or 8, I remember sitting at the head of my kitchen table after I got into an argument with my friends. I have absolutely no recollection of the argument itself, but it was... Continue Reading →

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All I Really Have To Say

I once wrote on the back of the cover of a book I loved passionately, "My last words: I had something profound to say but I've forgotten what it was." I hadn't actually forgotten; sometimes we say things but what... Continue Reading →

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Ellen Degeneres, George W. Bush & The Trump Impeachment

When Ellen Degeneres is sitting next to George W. Bush, we should consider all the evil we accept in our society. How we laugh at the war criminals when they are on late night talk shows, or talk about how charming and funny they are. The people that were tortured, the people that are dead, the people that sill live in prison or in constant fear for their lives are not laughing.

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The Problem With New Atheism: Secularism Requires A Plurality

The beauty of secularism was that it was tolerant; it could accept a plurality of people and belief systems. This new brand secularism is as orthodox and stringent as religion used to be (at least in how it had been represented).

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Suicide Is Not A Mental Health Issue, It’s A Social Issue

I've been living in pretty much total isolation for more than a year. It's amazing what a broken mind and broken spirit can do to your body too. I'm unrecognizable. This isn't about why, its about what I can do... Continue Reading →

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Bill 21: In Defense of Culture

I understand that there is a certain appeal to living in a 'secular' society, and I also understand why someone might feel uncomfortable at the sight of the hijab. I think that discomfort is misguided but comes from an honest and decent place. To ask someone to stop wearing the hijab is akin to asking them to stop being a woman, and just be a human. That's just not who we are. To be human is to believe in things that don't exist, to make our lives mean something more than they do, and to actualize our collective imaginations. Anything less is precisely inhuman.

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Bell Let’s Talk: The Implications of How We Define Mental Illness

Mental illness has long been a sanitized issue. When we discuss mental health, we discuss it in a way that does not deviate from the dominant ideological practices of our time. I want to discuss mental illness in a way that gives dignity and power back to those who suffer from it and expose the social norms and practices that work to make mental illness worse.

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During Covid Isolation: A Thought For Those Who Are Isolated Year Round

I'm mentally ill. I was harassed at work and then things just got out of control. I'm depressed, filled with anxiety, traumatized and have lost any sense of self. In the wreckage, I lost some people who were really important... Continue Reading →

Fighting For Yourself Just Isn’t The Same

I'm a fighter. I don't let injustice and especially abuses of power go. It's something I'm proud of. But having recently been the victim of the two, I find fighting for myself completely draining. I long for the days that... Continue Reading →

I’m Losing My Mind

We're all in semi isolation now but its been like this for me for almost two years. My life ripped from me and now I'm left contemplating suicide on a daily basis. I decided to delete some of my former... Continue Reading →

Why Do I Keep Living?

Most days it feels like I'm suffocating. I want to reach out to heavens and scream for help but to whom and for what? There's no help out there for me and nothing that can ease the pain. I feel... Continue Reading →

Covid-19: We Don’t Give A Shit About Each Other

I'm currently not allowed to tweet (long story but I'll be able to soon) but when covid was emerging I would have wanted to tweet a joke about using biological warfare against your most hated enemies! I'm glad I wasn't... Continue Reading →

Turn Your Old Laptop Into A Chromebook

I get excited about stupid things sometimes and this is one of them. I've now done this to two of old laptops, one about fifteen years old and another roughly seven years old. If you're think about switching to a... Continue Reading →

Jail Wasn’t So Bad: My Experience & A Commentary On Our Society

I was psychologically and sexually harassed at my former work place. They treated me like a peon, protected the people who attacked me and did everything they could to "build a case against me" while they acted in various prohibited... Continue Reading →

It’s Not Left Vs Right, It’s Populism Vs The Establishment: Bern It Down!

I, like many people, have been following the democratic primaries with some hope of having real change. I might not be American but I know what having a generational figure like Bernie Sanders on the world stage might do for... Continue Reading →

Kindness In The Depths Of Depression

I feel like a broken man. I'm genuinely afraid that I can't be fixed again. I know at least some of what I have to do and I'm not doing it. I think about suicide all the time. What point... Continue Reading →

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